How does it work?
Once you decide to book me for your caricature invites, there are just a few things I need from you to get the ball rolling.

  • a good selection of photographs for reference, the more recent the better. It is preferable for you send me your photos via email as I can not guarantee the safe return of any photos you send by post.
  • it would also be helpful to let me know a bit about yourselves, including any hobbies/interests you might have so they can be incorporated into the final artwork.
  • using your photos as reference, I will send you a draft sketch so you can approve the likeness and to give you a sense of the layout of the completed artwork.
  • once approved, the final artwork can then be completed

The Process

Clients occasionally ask me 'is it possible for you to send me the original'?
Although the initial sketch is hand-drawn, the final version of your caricature is completed digitally i.e. the final version will exist only on digital format.
There are obvious advantages to this way of working with commissions:
  • Working digitally is far less time consuming, therefore more cost-effective
  • Additional elements can easily be added to your drawing if required
  • Any changes that are required can be done easily and quickly
  • Additional copies can be re-printed upon request

How much does it cost?
There following options are available for you to choose from when it comes to booking your wedding caricature invitations :
  • Artwork  only- The cost for the artwork for your invitations is €180 per couple. The finished artwork will be provided on a cd, ready for you to take to a printer of your choice.
  • Artwork + text + printing - For an additional €30, I will handle the formatting of the artwork, wording for the inside of the invitations and printing. Printing costs are based on quantity required. If you need a quote for printing, just drop me an email and I can give you a price straight away.

Are they good quality invitations?
The invitations are printed on excellent quality smooth or textured 350gsm card, available in either cream or white (with matching envelopes). If you require a sample invitation, let me know and I will arrange to post some off to you.

What size are the cards?
The cards measure 150mm x 150mm.

wedding signing boards

How does it work?

Wedding guestboards are becoming increasingly popular as a unique memento for brides and grooms from their special wedding day. Not only that, but they also look amazing hanging on your wall, crammed with well wishes and messages from your wedding guests.
As far as the artwork is concerned, the process works exactly the same as for the caricature wedding invitations.
Please email me for a wedding guestboard quote!